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Aptitude Sample Questions Aptitude is a very important aspect of a person’s life. It refers to your unique abilities as a human being – and how well you are able to apply them to specific questions. That’s why it’s one of the most important parts of competitive exams and job interviews. You will find aptitude-linked questions in almost every exam paper. […]

Important Aptitude Question Series

Important Aptitude Question Series ONLINE STUDY MART AIMS TO PROVIDE FREE STUDY MATERIALS, QUESTIONS BANK, E-BOOKS, NOTES, TEST PAPER OF UNIVERSITY, COLLEGES, SCHOOLS AND COMPETITIVE EXAM. Online Study Mart is helpful for all students in context to syllabus, books, sample papers, question papers, CBSE notes, Government Jobs Exam Papers. For Sheer practice of Government Exams, SSC Exams, Banking Exams : Contact one of […]

35 Aptitude Important Questions

35 Aptitude Important Questions For Sheer practice of Government Exams, SSC Exams, Banking Exams : Contact one of the Finest Institute and Expert faculties 1. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 200% and the denominator of the fraction is increased by 250%, the resultant fractions is 3/14. What is the original fraction? (1) 1/2                  (2) 3/14                  (3) […]

51 Aptitude Important Questions

51 Aptitude Important Questions Q1. Last year, there were 610 boys in a school. The number decreased by 20% this year. How many girls are there in the school, if the number of girls is 175% of the total number of boys in the school this year? [SBI Clerk 2012](a) 854 (b) 848(c) 798 (d) 782(e) None of the above […]

Banking SSC Aptitude Questions

Banking SSC Aptitude Questions : Aptitude Sample Question Topic : Simple Interest For Aptitude : Time and Distance : Sample Questions : click here Access the important questions and sample type of questions, asked in government job exams, banking exams, SSC exams and many more prestigious exams. Download Simple Interest Sample Question Sheet at here ONLINE STUDY MART AIMS TO PROVIDE […]