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B.Tech EC Question Paper

(Electronics and Communication Engineering) Time : 1.5 Hrs

Note: Question Paper consists of two parts (Part-A and Part-B)

  1. Answering the question in Part-A is compulsory
  2. Answer any THREE Questions from Part-B

1 a) Show that the following systems are nonlinear and time invariant.
y(n) – x(n)y(n-1) = x(n) [4M]
1 b) Write computation efficiency of FFT over DFT. [3M]
1 c) What are the basic building blocks of realization structures? [4M]
1 d) Obtain the mapping formula for the impulse invariant transformation. [4M]
1 e) Write some examples of multirate digital systems. [3M]
1 f) What are the advantages of DSP processors in relation to general purpose processors? [4M]

2 a)Explain causality and stability of a linear time invariant system. [6M]

2 b) What is a Kaiser window? In what way is it superior to other window functions? [6M]

2 c) Find the DFT of the following sequence using FFT DIF?
X(n) = {1,2,3,5,5,3,2,1} [8M]

2 d) Compute the DFTs of the sequence x(n) = 2-n, where N = 8 using DIT
algorithm [8M]

About the Subject :

Digital signal processing (DSP) is the use of digital processing, such as by computers or more specialized digital signal processors, to perform a wide variety of signal processing operations. The digital signals processed in this manner are a sequence of numbers that represent samples of a continuous variable in a domain such as time, space, or frequency. In digital electronics, a digital signal is represented as a pulse train, which is typically generated by the switching of a transistor. Most also support some of the features as  an microcontroller, since signal processing is rarely the only task of a system.

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