AMIE Section-A Sample Paper

B.Stat Entrance Sample Paper

B.Stat Entrance Sample Paper

B.Stat Entrance Sample Paper

The B. Stat.(Hons.) degree programme offers comprehensive instruction in the theory, methods and application of Statistics, in addition to several areas of Mathematics and some basic areas of Computer Science.

The total duration of the B. Stat.(Hons.) programme is three years (six semesters).

An academic year, consisting of two semesters with a recess in between, usually starts in July and continues till May.

The B. Stat (Hons.) programme is offered at Kolkata only.

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This test contains 30 questions in all. For each of the 30 questions, there are four suggested answers. Only one of the suggested answers is correct.

Read Carefully

4 marks  

for each correctly answered question
0 marks  

for each incorrectly answered question
1 mark

for each un-attempted question
Marking Scheme

A student passing the B. Stat. degree examination is given a certificate which includes —

(i) the list of all the credit courses taken in the three-year programme along with the respective composite scores,

(ii) the list of all non-credit courses passed and

(iii) the category (Hons. First Division with Distinction or Hons. First Division or Hons. Second Division or without Honours) of his/her nal result.

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