Solar Energy and its different uses

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy of Sun. The earth receives a huge amount of energy from the sun. Traditionally We have been solar energy for drying clothes and grains, make salt from sea water.

Solar cooker

Solar cooker is a device which is used to cook food by using solar energy. Solar cookers and solar water heaters are based on the facts that A black surface absorbs more heat as compared to a white or a reflecting surface under identical conditions. Solar cooker is having box type structure and its internal surfaces are coloured with black colour. Solar cookers are covered with a glass plate. Which traps heats to go out from box and shows greenhouse effect. A plane mirror is also used to focus the rays of the light. The food which need to be cooked ins kept inside the box and temperature around 140o C in summer in 2-3 hour and cooked the food.

Solar cells

A device which converts solar energy into electric energy is called solar cell. A solar cell can convert only 0.7% of the solar energy into electricity. Silicon is used in in creating the solar cells.

Solar cell panels

any solar cells combined in an arrangement is called Solar cell panels. The solar cells in the solar panel are connected in such a that total potential difference and total capacity to provide electric current becomes large.


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